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Advisor Services

HTA is a professional insurance brokerage firm specializing in Retirement Healthcare Education and Insurance Solutions.
Navigating Medicare and/or LTC Planning can be overwhelming. HTA provides expert advice, guidance and education to ensure prudent planning decisions.

We have two very skilled departments of experts available to help
  • Transition people to Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance,  and a Medicare Drug plan.
  • Pre-retirees planning to protect their family and finances in the event they have future extended care needs-Long Term Care.

With HTA, you can either Sell Medicare solutions directly to your clients, OR you can Refer your clients to HTA for Medicare transitioning and/or LTC Planning!

3 Levels of  Advisor Assistance Available

  • Full Commission – Agency/Advisor gets contracted with HTA and sells product for full agent commissions, HTA offers training, product recommendations and backoffice support.  All commissions are payable directly from the insurance carrier to the Agent.  Agents are independent and are not required to be captive with HTA.  Sell from one or all of our carriers, it’s your choice.
  • Commission Split*– Advisor refers client to HTA and also gets contracted (and certified if necessary) to receive a split commission on application (available on some products).  A specialist from HTA can work directly with your client to educate, shop and enroll your client in the proper solution for their situation.
  • Referral Fee* – Advisor refers client to HTA and a referral fee paid (available on some products).  No contract or certification required.  A specialist from HTA can work directly with your client to educate, shop and enroll your client in the proper solution for their situation.

*HTA will discuss only the products for which you have given us permission to discuss.  Should another subject arise, we will immediately notify referring advisor. 

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Medicare Market is the fastest growing population segment with the Aging-In of the 77M baby boomers starting in 2011 and continuing to 2029. Medicare Markets are for ages 65+ and those disabled on Social Security Disability. When one becomes effective in Medicare Part A and/or Medicare Part B, they are eligible for Medicare Benefits.  Become part of a market that has 10,000 new eligible individuals per day!!

Lacking confidence or expertise in your Medicare sales efforts?  HTA’s Advisor Services Team can help you sell! 

Get contracted with HTA today for the best products in Medicare and LTC Markets plus complementary Final Expense, Annuities, Life and Dental products.  Provide a holistic approach to protecting your clients family, and protect their income and assets.  Let HTA help you with their retirement concerns!