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How to Enroll A&B Over 65

The easiest way to enroll is to visit www.ssa.gov/medicare.

Scroll Down to find the button for Apply for Medicare Only ( or click here to go right to the application)

    • If you are over age 65 when you apply, you will also need the Employment Verification Form—Send this to your employer first for completion.  See more information below about completing this form.
    • At this time we are unsure if this application added an “upload” to option to attach your Employment Verification Form.  If you would kindly let us know once you enroll if they added this feature to the portal.  If not, you will have to fax/mail the form in.  We generally recommend that in the comments section at the end, type “I would like my Medicare Part B to be effective__/1/2021. I have completed a CMS-L564 (Employment Verification Form) signed by my employer.  Please contact me by email at _______ or by phone at ______ to provide instruction for the best way to submit this form.”
    • We strongly advise that you keep your email confirmation receipt and to continuously check your www.myssa.gov to check status on the processing.  If you not see Medicare Parts A&B populate in your www.myssa.gov account prior to your effective date request, please contact your local Social Security field office to confirm that they are in receipt of your application.

More information on the Request For Employment Information form that you will need to avoid a Medicare Part B penalty when you enroll.

  • Please take this form to the Human Resources Department to complete.
  • You will need a form completed for each spouse that wishes to apply for Medicare.
  • The form confirms you had creditable coverage since you turned age 65 which will show that you are eligible for enrollment; as well as, waive a late enrollment penalty.

Creditable coverage is verified on the form by:

  • The dates the Employee was Actively Employed.
  • The date you were covered under the Group Health plan
  • The start date should reflect the initial enrollment in the group coverage NOT the date of your last enrollment period. 

If you have not been covered under the same employer since you turned age 65, you will need an Employment Verification Form from each employer that provided group coverage.

        • If your employer is out of business or unable to sign this form, other acceptable verifying documents may be accepted.  Contact HTA if you need a list of other acceptable types of documentation.