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Already On Medicare and Coming Off Group Insurance

Your Roadmap is based on…

  • You are over age 65, and have had Medicare A and B for longer than 6 months
  • You have been covered under the group health insurance plan (or Retiree, Cobra or Severance)
  • You WILL NOT be covered under your current plan in the future
  • You are within 60 days of your termination date of your group coverage (or Retiree, Cobra or Severance)

Secondary Insurance Options

You have the option to purchase secondary coverage to supplement your Medicare A and B.  You will have the option to choose a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Supplement Insurance and a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Premiums, Benefits and Networks may vary by insurance company.  We represent over 30 different insurance carriers to help you review and evaluate which options are most appropriate for your situation.

In addition, you can also voluntarily elect Dental, Vision, Hearing, Cancer and/or Hospital Indemnity coverage.

Please contact us for quotes and benefit information.

Underwriting Considerations

You will have a 2 month Guaranteed Issue Period/Special Election Period to choose your secondary coverage without having to medically qualify.

Not all Medicare Supplement Insurance benefits are available on a Guaranteed Issue Basis. 

  • Current Plans F and C are available on a Guaranteed Issue basis.   If you do not enroll during your 2 month GI period, you will have to answer medical questions later.
  • Plans G, N or High Deductible F are not available on a GI basis with most carriers (some exceptions may apply), so you will be medically underwritten to qualify for any of these plan designs.

Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans will only be available during the 2 month Special Election Period. 

  • After that, you can only enroll in/change these plans during the Annual Election Period (Oct 15th – Dec 7th for a January 1st start date)

Please see HTA for plan options and premiums.

Additional Considerations

Spouse (or dependents) Under Age 65- If you have a Spouse under age 65, not yet qualified for Medicare, and relies on your group health plan for benefits, please be mindful that if you come off your group plan, your spouse (or dependents) may have to go on COBRA, seek benefits through their respective employer, or purchase individual health insurance until they become Medicare eligible.