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Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

MS vs MA Summary

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Enter your Drug List and or your Provider List

Click on link above, and register or login to your HTA Medicareful Portal and securely enter your medication list.  If you are interested in looking into a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can also enter your list of existing health providers so we may check the network availability.

Understanding the differences…

Both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage can be attractive coverage options when you are enrolled in Medicare.  What is most attractive to you will depend on your individual preferences.

What is most important to you?

  • Low Premiums vs Low Out of Pocket Risk
  • Doctor Networks vs No Doctor Networks
  • Managed Care and Prior Authorizations vs No Managed Care
  • Included features vs A La Carte (purchasing the coverages you want separately)
    • such as dental, vision, hearing, gym memberships, vitamin coverage

You must enroll in both Medicare A and B

To be eligible for either Medicare Supplement (MediGap) or Medicare Advantage (Part C), you must be enrolled in both Medicare A and B.  Medicare Supplements work with Medicare A and B to provide you coverage.  Medicare Advantage replaces Medicare A and B for coverage (but you still are require to pay for Part B).

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