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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Outlines of Coverage:


Plan F

Plan G

Plan N

Plan High Deductible F

Plan High Deductible G

Enter your Drug List and or your Provider List

Click on link above, and register or login to your HTA Medicareful Portal and securely enter your medication list.  If you are interested in looking into a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can also enter your list of existing health providers so we may check the network availability.

Medicare Supplement Plans…

Medicare Supplement Plans (otherwise known as MediGap Insurance) are secondary to Medicare A and B.  They work with Medicare to pay your deductibles, copays, and coinsurances from Medicare A and B.

Medicare Supplement Policies = No doctor network. As long as the provider accepts Original Medicare, they will accept every Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan.

  • Many providers accept Medicare. Participating provider search tool.

Medicare Supplement Available Plans

There are 10 different Medicare Supplement plans available.  They are all labeled with letters Plans A, B, C, D, G, F, J, K, M, N (Plan G and F also has high deductible options).

All Medicare Supplement Insurance policies have standardized benefit designs.

  • This means that Plan G benefits are the same with every carrier that offers Plan G.

All claims approvals are determined by Medicare, not by the individual insurance companies, so you will also find that there is no difference in companies when it comes to paying claims.

Excess Charges

Doctors are permitted to charge up to 15% more than Medicare allows with no max.
The following states do not allow doctors to charge Excess: CT, MA, MN, NY, OH, PA, RI, VT

  • ALL other states, Medicare Part B providers can charge up to 15% more than the Medicare allowable amount for services.
  • If you live in a “Non-Excess” state but go to a Part B provider in an “Excess” state you will be exposed to potential Excess charges.

Plans F, HDF (High Deductible F), G and HDG (High Deductible G) are the only plans that provide coverage for “Part B Excess”. Plan N does not provide coverage for excess charges.